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10 Bible Facts about the Second Coming

There is nothing more clearly stated in the Bible than the fact that Jesus Christ is coming again to planet earth. The Bible emphasis on this great event is overwhelming. The focus on the Second Coming and its absolute certainty are seen in the following ten Scriptural statistics.

1. Jesus' return to planet earth is explicitly referred to 1,845 times in the Bible (1527 times in the OT and 318 times in the NT).

2. The Second Coming is mentioned in 23 of 27 New Testament books. Three of the remaining four books are one chapter books (Philemon, 2 John, 3 John), and the book of Galatians implies the Second Coming in 1:4.

3. There are 260 chapters in the New Testament and 318 references to the Second Coming of Christ.

4. The Second Coming of Christ is mentioned eight times for every one reference to His first coming.

5. For every one mention of the Atonement in the Bible, the Second Coming is mentioned twice.

6. The first recorded prophecy concerned the second coming. In the days before the flood, Enoch spoke of the Lord coming to judge the earth (Jude 14).

7. The final prophecy ever given deals with the Second Coming (Rev. 22:20). Six total times in Revelation we hear Jesus say, "I come quickly," three times in the final chapter (22:7,12,20).

8. Men are exhorted over 50 times to be ready for the return of Jesus.

9. Jesus Christ Himself refers to His return 21 times.

10. Angels believe and testify that Jesus is coming back. When Jesus ascended to heaven, angels stated that He would return just as He left (Acts 1:9-11).

Make no mistake -- Jesus is coming back to earth just as he promised! Nothing in all the world is as certain or sure. And at least seven years before His glorious appearing Jesus will come and rapture all believers to meet Him in the air. The rapture is an event that as far as we know could happen at any moment. Make sure you are ready for the meeting in the sky!


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