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Welcome to the official homepage of Samuel Fellowship.  The intention of this website is to inform the members and their parents of the latest news and updates about the fellowship's activities.


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If you read Left Behind Series, you might want to be aware of the compelling signs of the End Times. Here are some prophesies to be fulfilled possibly our life time:

Click Here for Ten Biblical Facts about the Second Coming.

If you are one of the executives or administrators at the meeting, feel free to download our minutes:

September 12, 2003 @ RPM
October 31, 2003 @ Enoch Youth Outreach Society

Our Location

10100 No. 1 Road
Richmond, British Columbia
Tel: (604) 273-9333

Contact Us

Fellowship Pastor

Pastor James Ip
Phone: 604-271-9333

Fellowship Administrator

Chris Hung
ICQ: 2799376

Winnie Chan
ICQ: 2894406

Fellowship Executives

Enoch Lam
ICQ: 142892522

Ronald Shui


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